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I provide professional, compassionate care to people of all backgrounds, races, gender identifications and sexualities. I love to help people along their journey in actualizing their full potential.


Why Electrolysis?

Why Electrolysis?

Gentle and Safe

It’s the preferred method for delicate and sensitive areas (like face). Electrolysis can also treat fine hairs.

FDA Approved as Permanent

Unlike laser, tweezing and other removal methods, electrolysis is deemed permanent by the FDA.

Works on any skin tone,
hair color or thickness

Electrolysis treats each hair manually using electrical current, eliminating the need for contrast and thickness.

How it works

Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal method in which a very fine needle (matched to the hair’s diameter) is inserted into the hair follicle alongside the hair shaft. Once in place, the electrologist releases a tiny amount of electrical current into the follicle in order to destroy the hair growth cells.

Although laser hair removal is a good option for some, it is not effective for everyone. The lightwaves require a stark color contrast between skin and hair, like large areas of the body that have coarse, dark hair.

Read more information on the process and benefits of electrolysis at

About Us

I'm Katie, your electrologist

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I love helping people curate aspects of themselves that give them anxiety or help them actualize the vision of themselves that they were meant to be.

I’ve been working in electrolysis since 2014, when I first learned about it as I embarked on my own journey with unwanted hair. As I learned about hair removal and the lasting benefits of electrolysis, I began my own electrolysis regimine, as well as my formal education. I am licensed in California through the American Education Institute in Southern California.

I have been working in San Francisco since 2016 and work almost exclusively with clients from the transgender community. In 2018, I started Fringe Electrolysis to continue my rewarding work and create a safe and welcoming space for my clients.

Service Details

Session Details and Rates

I am a contracted provider for SF Health Plan and Kaiser and have rates with both. I can also take other insurance, which can be determined with the help of my biller to help you through the process of getting an authorization. Rates will vary per your provider, or if you come with no insurance.

Treatment sessions range from 15 minutes to 1 hour. Treatments may be weekly or monthly, and for full removal, one area could take up to 12 sessions. Your age, hormones, medications, and amount of hair are among a few of the variables in determining your treatment schedule. The best way to determine your needs will be to have a few treatments and see how your hair reacts.

I am available for appointments Tuesday-Saturday with a flexible schedule.

What Fringe clients say


Katie removed hair from a very vulnerable place on my body and she made me feel very safe and comfortable. Not only is her bedside manner impeccable, but the pain was much less than I had anticipated after my research. I highly recommend her!

-Carrie S.


Katie is not only very skilled, she's also super sweet and easy to work with. Highly recommend.

-Neil B.


I have nothing but amazing things to say about Fringe Electrolysis. During my first visit Katie really helped me relax while she worked on a sensitive area on my face. The treatments have been comfortable, pain free, and enjoyable with Katie's person-ability! I would definitely recommend Katie!

-Harry Y.


Please reach out!

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Have questions? I'm free to speak to your specific needs with a phone consultation.

Text is the fastest method to reach me, and I check voicemails and emails every other day.

Text or call: (415) 913 - 9097

Email me with the provided form or to:

Thank you! I will be in touch soon.

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